Today’s independent school students will become tomorrow’s leaders. Either as citizens or professionals, they will encounter formidable challenges involving the effects on our world of ecological degradation, climate change, and rapid globalization. To address these issues, students must form new habits of mind that break free of disciplinary boundaries. They must gain a deep understanding of how ecological, economic, political, and cultural systems interact. The world they encounter will require a cooperative problem-solving orientation focused on long-term sustainability. Their growing capacity for critical thought, creative imagination, and ethical decision making will become more important than ever before in history. ACIS schools develop these capacities to foster the next generation of leaders.

The ACIS E-Alliance is a partnership that encourages school communities to make decisions about resources with the goal of enhancing sustainability. We define sustainability as: “Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

Students in participating ACIS schools will collaborate on E-Alliance Challenges that teach them how to improve the sustainable use of resources. These projects will provide opportunities to:

  • learn/discover
  • develop data collection/interpretation skills
  • expand community and global awareness
  • apply stewardship skills
  • obtain a sense of accomplishment
  • collaborate with other schools
  • understand the economics of sustainability

Select "Challenges" for a list of current ACIS E-Alliance Challenges. Select an individual challenge to see a description, a summary of results, and a list of participating ACIS schools.

Select Sustainability "Resources" for links to sites with more information on current Challenges.

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